Brightside Cover

Brightside Extended Warranty Cover

Brightside Extended Warranty Cover can provide you with up to 4 years additional cover after your Manufacturer’s Warranty expires. If something does go wrong, you’ll have the benefits of unlimited repairs, surge protection, as well as wear and tear.

We partner with businesses to offer Brightside Extended Warranty on the goods they sell, a real value add to their customers.

Brightside 2nd Chance Extended Warranty Cover

Brightside 2nd Chance Extended Warranty Cover is a 2 year insurance policy that can be purchased for your products at any point within the Manufacturer’s Warranty period. This allows our consumers to protect their products even if they don’t purchase our Extended Warranty at point of sale.

Partner with Brightside

Partner with Brightside

We are always looking for businesses we can partner and grow with, that share our vision and are looking to offer their customers protection and a great reason to look on the bright side.

We have a range of cover options and product capabilities, so we are sure we can deliver a solution to meet the needs of your business.

Why not get in touch so we can discuss how we can work with you.